About Us

Black Dogs Harvest is a small hobby farm located on Camano Island, WA.  Our focus is on eggs from free range chickens and ducks,  registered American Dairy Goat Association Nigerian Dwarf Goats, grass fed beef, pasture pork, and fresh local vegetables grown without pesticides, and much more.  

Black Dogs Harvest is the creation of Founder and CEO Sarah Jones, who has a green thumb and knowledge of  plants, vegetables, and trees.  She also loves animals, grew up riding horses, and has taken that knowledge to the farm where she takes wonderful care of and loves the animals on our farm.

Sarah’s husband, Bob, loves to help on the farm when he isn’t at his other job, and along with helping with the regular farm chores, he takes care of the marketing, finances, and website creation.

Their two oldest children, ages 9 and 7 also enjoy working at the farm and doing age appropriate farm duties.

Please check us out, and enjoy the love put into our fun little hobby farm.  Thank you!